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How Do You Water Cure Already Vaporized Bud (AVB)?


water cured already vaped weed

Vaping is well accepted generally as a healthy way of ingesting cannabis. What’s better in this situation is that, unlike smoking where all the materials are burnt off, vaping has extras left; A certain amount of cannabinoid compound remains after vaping. However, this amount varies depending on the level of temperature being vaped.

This helps especially when you live in a state where cannabis is sold at exorbitant prices per ounce. You can buy the same quantity, vape under low heat, and still retain some leftovers with a certain amount of THC that can be reused.

When you smoke at a temperature below 440 degrees Fahrenheit, you’d certainly have some greens left.

From studies, the greener an already vaped bud is, the more potent it is.

I understand that it is not possible to get enough AVB in one round of vaping, which is why storage matters.

Experts recommend the use of humidity packs to store the cannabis buds and keep the buds from losing their potent cannabinoids. This way, you’re able to add to the pile, till the quantity is significant enough to make use of.

There are different ways this AVB can be used, however, this article will focus more on how its quality can be improved through the water curing process.


What is Water Curing?

Water curing is a process that involves dipping your AVB in water for a certain period. It is a curing technique in which a dry ingredient – could be coffee, tea, or weed – is placed into an amount of water until the flavor is extracted into the water.

An example of water curing that we all practice is making a cup of tea with a teabag. The more you insert the tea bag into a hot cup of water, the less it tastes. What is observed is that the first time a tea bag is kept in hot water, the water absorbs the taste of the tea. That’s more or less how AVB water curing works.


Purpose of water curing

One distinct quality of already vaped buds is their taste and aroma.

Water curing helps to get rid of the pungent smell and taste of the vaped buds. If the buds are used as it is without water curing, it’s taste tends to overpower whatever it is being used for.

In addition to this, it removes most of the unwanted substance that may have mixed with the buds while it was being vaporized.

The purpose of water curing is to improve the taste of the AVB, as well as purify it to make it fit to be reused. All this is done without the potency of the buds being reduced.


How Water Curing works

Water curing takes advantage of the science of cannabinoids compounds being water-insoluble. The other impurities are water-soluble, hence they are washed off and cleaned out.


How to water cure your AVB

There are so many ways to do this. All processes are easy to understand and not energy-intensive in any way. It only takes time. Yes! You need to be patient to get the best results.


Things you need

  • Cheesecloth

  • Large baking own

  • Oven

  • Large pot

  • French press (optional)

  • Already vaped bud

The already baked bud must be at least 30-100 grams.

From experience, 150 grams of AVB can produce up to two sticks of cannabutter. But, it depends on what you want to use the water-cured buds for.

Also, the size of the cheesecloth depends on the number of spent buds you have. If your cheesecloth is small, you can choose to work in batches, but this will take time.



Step 1: Soaking in Water

With a Cheesecloth

  • Divide and wrap up your AVB in cheesecloths

  • Tie up the first strip

  • If you’re using only one cheesecloth, double wrap the cloth by flipping it around the ball of AVB.

  • Tie up the new wrap.

  • Prepare your large pot or crockpot.

  • Add water (at room temperature)  to your crockpot

  • Set your cheesecloth AVB balls inside the crockpot.

  • Ensure all wrapped AVB  is fully covered by the water.

  • Place the lid on the crockpot

  • Wait a few hours.

  • Strain out the now-dirty water.

  • Rinse out the AVB balls

  • Refill the crockpot with fresh water at room temperature

  • Put the AVB balls back into the crockpot and ensure it is fully submerged in

  • Replace the lid.

  • Wait a few hours and drain water out again

  • Repeat these steps for as long as possible. Could take as long as a day, three days, or a week.


Remember that the more these steps are repeated, the cleaner the AVB gets. As you keep changing the water, you will observe that the water keeps getting clearer and less nasty.


With a French press

After a while you’ll need to change the water, this is because frequency water change ensures the impurities are disposed of quickly.

This can take as long as 1- 7 days. However, it is only the first day that you have to change the water frequently.


Step 2: Drying

  • Preheat your oven

  • Open up the AVB balls and place the wet AVB in your baking own

  • Break up the ball if firm and spread out for even drying

  • Place the baking pan in the oven

  • With the temperature set to 150-170 F, Dry the AVB.

  • Wait. This will take a very long time, especially if you’re preparing a lot of AVB.


I must point out that you must be prepared for the odor that will emanate from this. You can spray some scents or burn some scented candles to reduce the smell around your house.


Step 3: Freeze


You’re done!

That’s the final product. You can now use your water-cured AVB to prepare your cannabutter, cannabis honey, edibles, granola, and other goodies you can think of.

Have fun doing this and remember, your first attempt doesn’t have to be perfect.

Practice makes perfect!








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