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Top 10 edibles for beginners


Edibles have been on the legal market for a year now and there’s plenty to choose from, however which one do you buy if you’re new to cannabis? There’s a few things to consider before buying your first edibles. For starters, dose is very important for all beginners to edibles, even if you already inhale cannabis, it’s a completely different experience. Edibles are much stronger as edibles are processed by your liver which turns THC in a much more potent 11-Hydroxy THC. The only exception are fast-acting edibles as they go through your bloodstream and only last around an hour.

Start low and go slow

The recommended starter dose is 2 to 5mg. I’d say 2.5 mg is a nice place to start for most people. By law, no package of edibles can contain more than 10mg of THC. So even if you eat the whole package, you might get way too high but you likely won’t “green out”.

Try to choose products with CBD

THC is best taken with CBD, you don’t have to take them together as you’ll still have a nice experience however CBD helps to reduce some of the side effects of THC.

Alright, now that you understand what dose to start with, I’ve selected 10 edibles that come in 2mg to 5mg offerings and some have CBD as well.

Best chews for beginners

1. Pomegranate Blueberry Acai 5:1 chews by Wana

This edible so far has the best ratio of THC to CBD with 25mg of CBD and 5mg of THC per piece. This is the ideal amount of CBD you want to take with an edible. The Japanese Citrus Yuzu flavour by Wana is also good, they contain 5mg of THC and 10mg of CBD per piece.

2. Wild raspberry gummies by Sunshower

These tasty gummies come in a pack of 5 x 2mg gummies, there’s no CBD. You can buy two other flavours by Sunshower – Mango Tangerine and Watermelon Lemonade however for me, the strawberry flavour is the best. What I like about these gummies, besides the taste is they come in 2mg pieces which makes it easier to customize your dose and perfect for beginners who want to try a very low dose to start.

3. Fast-acting blood orange chew by Ripple

Fast-acting chews gives you all of the benefits of edibles without the long duration of regular edibles. Normally edibles can last 6 hours or more and take up to 2 hours to kick in. However with fast-acting edibles the onset is around 15min and duration is around an hour. This is a great way to try edibles without the commitment.

Best Chocolates for beginners

4. Pause dark chocolate by Tokyo Smoke

They come is 5 pieces so you get 2mg per piece. You could try 2mg or 4mg as both are good starter doses. This is a really nice dark chocolate that’s about 60% dark milk chocolate so it’s not bitter. It’s also made from simple natural ingredients, it’s a good one

5. Chocolates by Legend
What I like most about Legend chocolates is they’re a little cheaper than other ones on the market. Their chocolates comes in 4 x 2.5mg pieces. Legend uses chocolate from Alberta based chocolatier, Bernard Callebaut and they’re a nice little treat without spending too much.

6. Chocolates by Bhang

I love these chocolates and they’re quite popular on the market. They come in 4×2.5mg pieces and in several different flavours, including dark and milk chocolates. They also have a caramel chocolate that’s a 1:1, so each piece will also have 2.5mg of CBD.

Beverages for beginners

7. Sparkling dark cherry by Little Victory

I absolutely love this drink, it has 2.5mg of THC and 2.5mg of CBD in each bottle. It has a lovely cherry taste and hits the spot on those warm summer days. Little Victory makes other flavours as well including Dry Grapefruit which tastes a lot like a wine spritzer and would make a good mocktail.

8. Grapefruit sparkling water by Houseplant

Houseplant is the brand by Seth Rogan and I love this drink by them. It’s light so you can have a couple of them and the flavour is nice, very much like a La Croix but more fun. I keep these in my fridge all during the summer months.

Other edibles for beginners

9. 4:1 capsules by Dosecann

I debated whether or not to put this on the list as you have to commit to buying a whole bottle of 30 capsules. However it’s one of my favourite edibles on the market, and I buy them frequently. They’re 2.5mg of THC per capsule and 10mg of CBD per capsule this is a great ratio for THC to CBD. Having a whole bottle lets you play around with dose better than the other products I’ve listed.

10. Ripple Infusers by TGOD

This dissolvable THC powder is one of the best edible products on the market. It has barely any flavour and can be mixed into any food or beverage. They’re also fast-acting meaning the onset will be around 15 min. and the duration will be around an hour. I recommend buying them in 5mg packets rather than the single 10mg packet. This is a great product for those of you that want a versatile edible without the commitment of a standard edible.

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