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Au Revoir, Frenchy Cannoli – Weed World Magazine


Frenchy was an incredible teacher who loved to teach others so that they could gain a deeper understanding of a wide variety of techniques. Belle (@cherryblossom_belle) was his prodigy, apprentice and heir, Frenchy taught her everything he knew about creating hash, as he recognized a passion in her. They were inseparable, it was really sweet to watch her soak up every lesson from him whenever they had the opportunity to further her knowledge. Frenchy loved the one-to-one sessions, but he still felt he could go further. After much consideration, he chose to follow an open source approach and promoted traditional methods through his “Lost Art of the Hashishin” workshops. These hands-on training workshops passed down everything he had learnt to aspiring concentrate makers in a warm, friendly and focused environment. This was a phenomenal success, as his workshops were always packed and fun and his passing will leave a big hole in the hearts of the many people who had the pleasure of working alongside him or learning invaluable first-hand knowledge during one of his many seminars and workshops.


I met Frenchy a few times, but I guess the most memorable was in October 2016. Phil Kilv the founder/owner of Weed World and I spent several days with him and Belle travelling up the North Coast of California from San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Rosa, Ukiah, Mendocino, Laytonville to Garberville. Meeting some fantastic people in the cannabis industry and seeing their grows.  During that time, I wanted to see the giant redwoods so he took me to walk through them. I also slipped a disc in my lower back from the roads being so rough – the pain was immense, and the chiropractor made it worse, so Frenchy gave me some hash. He was so scared that he was going to get me too stoned, but it certainly helped with the pain.


His birthday was a day after mine, and I always felt connected to Frenchy. You knew you could ask him to do anything for you and he would just do it. My early days as an editor crossed over with his as a writer, so we grew together and for that I am truly thankful. I will miss him: he had a beautiful soul, he was a wonderful husband to Kimberly and a fantastic dad.  He certainly left a mark on everyone he met and I feel blessed to have known him.


Good-bye my friend, you will be missed.

If you wish to read all of his articles they can be found here – frenchycannoli.com/articles 

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Image credit: Jake Remington & Weed World

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