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Can CBD Help Spark Up Your Sex Life?


cbd for sex

Sex is a natural part of the everyday life of most youths nowadays and as beautiful an experience as it is, most people are looking for a way to get it better. With the beautiful applications of CBD that most people are used to nowadays, it’s, therefore, no surprise that many are interested in ways that CBD can help to spice up their sex life. Read on as we explore the roles that endocannabinoids can play with sex, different applications of CBD as it pertains to sex, and the conclusion of how best to use CBD to improve your sex life. 


CBD has a special relationship with the endocannabinoid system which is found all over the body. The direct and indirect relationship of CBD and other cannabinoids with the endocannabinoid system of the body means that it can affect the body in different ways. Some of the available examples of applications that have been derived over the years to bring more life to the bedroom include topical lubricants, edibles infused with cannabis, and CBD oils. The special relationship between CBD and the state of the mind and mood makes it a very appealing option for those that are looking for ways to improve their sex life.


Benefits of introducing CBD into your sexual experience

Before the effect of the addition of CBD to sexual experience can be fully felt, care has to be taken with respect to how it is added. CBD can provide an all-round sexual boost that is compared to sexual stimulating pills only that all the effects of CBD will be natural. One of the expected results of adding CBD to the sexual experience is increased relaxation especially for those that get anxious during sexual intercourse and end up not enjoying the experience. Other ways it can help include increased sensitivity, stimulating lubrication, and increased blood flow to genitals. There are a number of aspects of sexual experience that CBD can influence both for males and females including libido, testosterone and erectile dysfunction for men, and orgasm. 



Sexual experience has a proportional relationship with the quality of libido of the participating parties. Libido on its own depends majorly on the quality of health and general well-being. It might be hard to establish a direct link between the effects of CBD and better libido but it is possible to establish an indirect relationship. CBD is well known for its relaxing and calming effect which is made better by its ability to promote sound sleep. Good sleep gives rise to a healthy lifestyle which makes it important towards maintaining a satisfactory libido or sex drive. The summary of the matter is that CBD facilitates proper rest which allows for good recovery which is essential for increased libido and energy levels. 


Testosterone production 

Males will be particularly happy to hear of the proposed relationship between the endocannabinoid system and testosterone production. This means that CBD might have a direct link to impacting the production of testosterone. Unfortunately, studies have shown that the opposite is the case. Specific studies involving THC and CBD have shown that they can inhibit the production of testosterone by exciting CB1 and CB2 receptors. However, this reality doesn’t affect the available amount in the body which means that occasional use and tapered use has no issues of low-testosterone appearance.


Erectile dysfunction 

Erectile dysfunction has proven to be a major problem affecting the sex life of many males and CBD can be the answer to most questions about erectile dysfunction. Dioxin is a toxin whose concentrations in men increase as they age and the increase in the concentration leads to muscle degradation and erectile dysfunction. CBD can help in reducing this effect of dioxin by helping to flush dioxin out of the body. This effect of CBD shows that it has possible application in preventing the development of erectile dysfunction and reversing it when it occurs.  

Another angle to approach erectile dysfunction from is the mental angle. Erectile dysfunction is much more than a problem that applies only to men as they age. Some young men are also susceptible to this as they have difficult erections and find it harder to be aroused. CBD has a good effect in reducing tension likewise with its known effect of promoting general wellness which makes for a good recipe to prevent muscle decay. Once this is assured, the chance of development of erectile dysfunction and development of performance-related anxiety is greatly reduced.  

Lasting longer in bed

Some of the prominent factors that affect how long one lasts in bed include genetics, masturbation, anxiety, and the network of some neurotransmitters in the body. Though CBD might be handicapped to help with issues pertaining to genetics, still it is able to help in terms of how long one lasts in bed through other ways. Premature ejaculation that results from anxiety can easily be attended to by the use of CBD. CBD also affects the levels of serotonin and dopamine which play a huge role in determining how long men last in bed. 


Quicker orgasm for females

Though not entirely exclusive, the role of CBD to give quicker orgasms is particular to women. Unlike men, the issue for women with respect to reaching orgasm is struggling to reach it during sex. CBD causes vasodilation which means that it is able to open pathways for blood flow. This is the same application with men when CBD helps with erectile dysfunction. The increased blood flow to the genitals is also likely to cause increased sensitivity. This resultant increase in sensitivity helps to produce a richly satisfying orgasm.


Bottom line    

From the discussion above, it is obvious that CBD has a huge role to play in helping to spice up activities in the bedroom. This can be done through the use of CBD oil massage, CBD edibles that can be ingested before the activity so they kick in at the right time and CBD-infused lubes for lubrication. These are all common examples of ways that CBE can be introduced to help spice up your sex life.








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