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Hemp and "Marijuana" ARE the same plant! CBD MLM reps are confused, once again | #antimlm


In today’s video we explode the myth put forth by many CBD MLM consultants that “hemp and marijuana are different plants, cousin plants, or sister plants”. Hemp and “marijuana” (not a botanical term, but rather drug war popular vernacular) are the same plant, the same species, Cannabis sativa L. And in today’s video I will show you that traditional hemp cultivars of Cannabis sativa, when grown under the right conditions, such as all female plants in a grow, among other factors, can and often do product THC over the federal limit for legal hemp of 0.30%. In fact, the flower product of these cultivars is available for purchase at legal state cannabis dispensaries–but NOT in #CBD only retail outlets or from CBD #multilevelmarketing reps.

Cherry Wine is the featured “hemp” cultivar in this video and it’s grown by many hemp farmers and a field hemp crop for the legal CBD hemp market. But only if it does not exceed the federal limit for THC after harvest–if it does it is considered a “hot” crop (technically, “marijuana” by federal law) and typically destroyed. And almost any hemp cultivar can be grown into a “hot” crop when certain measures are taken.

Hemp and “marijuana” are the same plant.

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