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Tennessee Bill Solicits 2022 Voter Feedback On Cannabis Reform


In #Tennessee, new legislation aims to gather feedback from #voters on #marijuana reform, as part of the #2022 ballot. #House Bill 1634, which was introduced by #Republican Rep. Bruce Griffey, would ask three questions of Tennessee residents: whether they believe #medical #cannabis should be legal in the state, whether they believe a #recreational market should be legalized and regulated, and whether #possession of less than an ounce of marijuana should be #decriminalized. Though the results of the mandated public opinion poll would be non-binding, and therefore separate from actual policy change, #Griffey hopes they would put pressure on #state lawmakers to enact corresponding legislation. The proposal builds upon a measure signed into law recently by #Republican #Governor Mike Lee, which modestly expands Tennessee’s limited medical #CBD program and creates a nine-member commission to study potential #future #MMJ legalization. Their first report will be due at the start of next year. In fact, some #advocates argue Griffey’s bill is an unnecessary stalling #tactic, as 2018 #polling already indicates 81 #percent of residents support some form of cannabis legalization. The measure’s chances of passing are unclear, as it has not yet been referred to any legislative committees for further advancement.

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