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Tilray #TLRY 2021 Earnings Breakdown + House Approves Banking Amendments In New Spending Bill


*This news is NOT investment advice. It’s for educational purposes only. *
Mid Week Update: https://youtu.be/y7OiMFmEvaw
Last Week in Cannabis News: https://youtu.be/vp8c9AJCqCk
Note: I happily own TLRY shares @ $6.73 but I am NOT buying at these current prices.

00:00 – Intro
00:45 – Main Takeaway – TLRY CEO Wants to Buy A US MSO
01:49 – Disclaimer – Not a Financial Advisor, Self Taught So This For Context, Not Advice
2:30 – Recapping Earnings Highlights
3:35 – Financial Highlights – 2021 Fiscal Fourth Quarter
5:22 – Financial Highlights – 2021 Full Fiscal Year
8:03 – Recent Business Developments, Ongoing Global Growth
9:50 – Look at their Current Balance Sheet
11:28 – Comprehensive Income Statement
13:13 – TLRY Base 2021 #s Compared To Canopy Growth
14:25 – Revenue Breakdown – Cannabis vs. Other Sources
17:07 – Revenue Margins With and Without Adjustments
18:30 – Cash Flow Statement For Q4 and Full Year
18:47 – US Cannabis Investor Portal – Includes US MSOs and Canadian LPs
19:30 – Margin of Safety Explained, Low Market Cap + High Revs = More Potential Upside
21:50 – # of Shares Traded, US MSOs Will See This Volume When They Can Up-list
23:48 – House Approves Cannabis Banking Amendments in New Spending Bill
25:57 – WHY SAFE is MORE Than Just Protecting Investors, Stop Dispo Robberies

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