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Is Smoking Ganja Good For You? Or Bad For You? (Tamil With English Subtitles) | Science Behind Ganja


This Video Has An In Depth Explanation On What Does Smoking Cannabis Did To Your Body. Explanation Of What Compounds Does Cannabis Contains, How Does Those Compounds Affects Your Body, Positively? Or Negatively? Their Roles In Individual Functions Of Our Body. Explained Long Term Effects Of Smoking Cannabis In Pulmonary Function, Cardiovascular Health, Mortality Rate, Comparing All The Effects Of Marijuana With Tobacco Smoking, And Binge Drinking Of Alcohol.

With That, There Are Four Researches That I’ve Mentioned In This Video, Where Scientists And Researchers Examined Effects Of Cannabis In Our Body Over A Long Period Of Time. Effects Of Cannabis On Cannabinoid System Is Explained Through Which Cannabis Has An Influence Over Brain. Effects Of Smoking Cannabis Was Found To Be Higher In Brain, Than Any Other Functions In The Body. How Smoking Cannabis Affects The Brain And Other Systems In The Body Is Explained. Watch It And Learn Completely About Cannabis. Thank You!

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Research Studies That I Mentioned In This Video,

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