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How are THC and CBD used medically? Discussing Cannabis and CBD with Mieko Hester Perez


Join me in this interview with Mieko Hester Perez where we discuss the current climate, research, and medical applications for cannabis.
See below for time stamps.

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Time Stamps:
00:00-00.57 Introduction
01:24 Terminology defined
03:40 Full Spectrum vs. Isolate
06:56 The Endocannabinoid System defined
09:40 Separate administration of CBD and THC and why
17:00 The importance of collaboration with your medical team
18:07 The ECS and the Microbiome
23:37 How Mieko started her journey
25:18 The legal environment and children
32:00 The legal environment and terms: Adult Use vs. Recreational
34:08 Reasons people seek cannabis for adult use
36:45 Collaboration with Medical Professionals
38:44 What do we want on product labels?
41:21 CBD at a dispensary vs. online or in a store
43:12 CBD isolate primes the body to receive THC
44:54 Testing standards and analysis
46:43 Development of medical cannabis protocol with a physician
47:49 What is the best approach to CBD purchases in a store or online?
50:55 What if an over the counter CBD does not work for you and why?
52:30 Cannabis is a “Bridge”
54:49 Cannabis promotes “life extension”
57:50 THC and detoxification reactions
59:40 Optimum timing of cannabis and priming the body to receive nutrients
1:06:00 Every person is different, so should be the protocol
1:10:39 Summing it all up

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