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The Most Unique Strains in Every (Legal) State


It isn’t a surprise that these legendary strains are usually among the top most popular strains in any state.

More interesting in cataloguing the oldest, most widespread and most beloved strains is looking into the unique strains in any given state.

It isn’t unreasonable to assume that more than half of the popular strains in the world today first took root in California. Almost every dispensary has at least one interesting or unique strain worth sampling, and most stoners find it fun and challenging to find the best new strain every month. While Khalifa Kush isn’t brand-new, it is one of the best strains to come from the Golden State in recent years. Made in honor of Wiz Khalifa, this strain is only available to a select few, so snap it up when you can.

Only Colorado rivals California in cannabis innovation. It isn’t uncommon for a Colorado dispensary to have its own bespoke strain, which makes selecting one unique strain a tremendous task. A statewide favorite is Apples n’Cream, which indeed smells distinctively like baked cinnamon-sugar apples and gives a small boost of energy before lulling users into a calm and restful sleep.

Appropriate for an intense and rugged place like Alaska, the Alaska strain hits hard with a THC content between 29 and 30 percent. The strain was bred to combat intense pain without clouding the mind or weighing down the body, and it is an excellent option for being productive during Alaska’s 20-hour-long summer days.

Arizona’s cannabis culture is highly influenced by its neighbor California, as many stoners have been accustomed to getting their bud from Cali growers. Still, a few Arizona grow ops are starting to thrive and develop their own special strains. Stoopid Fruits is one of the more unique strains on dispensary menus, produced for the band Slightly Stoopid.

Plenty of cannabis strains offer the delightfully fruity flavors of sherbet, but only Sherbface combines those flavors with a sense of euphoria so powerful and lingering as to keep you occupied for hours. Created by a meticulous small batch cannabis cultivator in Seattle, Sherbface is only found in a handful of Washington dispensaries and isn’t likely to be widely available anytime soon.

Produced by Deschutes Growery, a clever grow op named after the renowned Oregon craft beer maker Deschutes Brewery, Kurple Fantasy is a direct descendant of some of the most legendary cannabis strains in the world. With a pine-lemon scent, gorgeous purple coloring and a THC content around 23 percent, this indica strain will give you an easy-breezy high.

It might be difficult to think of a less appealing flavor combination than cheese, oranges, dirt and gasoline, but that is exactly what is on offer from this unique Illinois strain. The winner of the 2020 Illinois Cannabis Cup for hybrid strains, Gorilla’d Cheese is available as both flower and extract in Illinois dispensaries, so if you aren’t partial to that flavor profile, you might ask for a concentrate.

To Michigan stoners, there exists one strain to rule them all: Pinconning Paralyzer. This strain first emerged in the late ‘80s but disappeared around Y2K after the breeder’s then-illegal grow op was busted by authorities. Now, whispers around the lakes suggest that Pinconning Paralyzer is back in a select few dispensaries, but you need to know the right people to get your hands on it.

A dominant strain in the Northeast but found virtually nowhere else, Mother of Berries is a gorgeous purple and green bud with an irresistible blueberry aroma. The sooner this strain spreads outside Maine, the sooner everyone can take full advantage of MOB’s lovely mellow effects, which allow for deep relaxation and peaceful sleep.

As more states legalize weed, more growers will get the chance to experiment with cannabis genetics and create their own unique strains. Until then, you can search for the rare and exceptional strains around you by visiting different dispensaries and talking to local budtenders.


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