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Latest CBD news and 4 New CBD Products | CBD Headquarters


Latest CBD news and new CBD products that just hit the shelves. Learn about each & Get the latest CBD before they are gone!

Whats the latest CBD products, CBD Headquarters new & will I get high from cbd oil?

1) Broad Spectrum CBD Sleep capsules without melatonin. No THC so great for anyone who gets tested looking for natural sleep supplement with NO THC.

2) CBG & CBD new Muscle and Joint Cream for under $50
3) New CBD products a Hard Candy in 500MG, 4 great flavors and 10MG each only $29.99
4) What the latest cbd oil? It’s CBG & CBD Oil tinctures, these are unflavored, great to add to any beverage, coffee, teas, salads etc. Also potent since you are doubling down on CBG and CBD.
To find out more about whats the latest cbd that works for less, or newest CBD oil.
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