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3 NFTs for the Future – NFT News – Med Cannabis | Retail | Cinema 🌱👗🎬


We look at how the Medicinal Cannabis and Psilocybin sector is moving into blockchain technology, and how NFTs are moving into retail and cinema. We see all of these projects as evidence for the innovation and potential in NFT/ Blockchain Technology and the possibilities for the future.

0:00 – Medicinal Cannabis and Blockchain Tech – M2Biosciences
4:25 – Future of NFTs in Retail
6:34 – Zero Contact: First NFT Movie

M2Bio Sciences is an eco-friendly project advancing Cannabis innovation as well as helping and uplifting African communities.

WAX founder, William Quigley, sees a future where most consumer products will have an ‘NFT Twin’ within 10 years.

‘Zero Contact’ – Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins latest movie will be released as an NFT. Why? And what’s on offer? Do you see NFTs as part of cinema in the future?

We are not paid to promote anything in this video – but we are optimistic about how NFTs and Blockchain Tech can shape our futures.

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