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Can Smoking CBD Cause Acne?


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Is it true that smoking CBD can cause acne?

For some reason, people think that smoking weed can cause acne. I believe that people are misconstruing this statement, and think that since smoking marijuana can cause acne (which it can’t) then CBD can cause acne. CBD is a cannabinoid just like THC, which is the dominant cannabinoid in most strains of marijuana. People just assume since the two are similar, you can get similar side effects.

First of all – this is not necessarily true.

Since CBD is legal now in many US states for medical and recreational use, research on the side-effects of CBD use is still being updated almost monthly. The cannabis plant, which is where CBD comes from, still has numerous undiscovered potentials of its impact on physical and mental health.

The cannabis plant is full of outstanding compounds that are slowly giving a better name to the cannabis family plant. However, there are some precautions that people need to take when it comes to smoking CBD flower. Can this have an impact on acne, or other areas of facial skin health?

According to Medical News Today, “There is no clear line between smoking and acne breakouts.”

Smoking CBD became popular shortly after the Farm Bill of 2018 decriminalized hemp, and hemp-based products. Similar to the way in which marijuana is smoked, CBD can be smoked. I, personally, find no enjoyment or benefits of it, but some people enjoy CBD cigarettes or smoking pure CBD flowers.

Acne starts to pop up on the skin when skin pores are clogged up with dead skin cells and excess ‘sebum’ that later causes bacteria production. Sebum is simply the oil that is produced from your skin. This bacteria can lead to the breakouts of acne that you may be familiar with. This type of acne is not associated with a specific age group (such as teenagers), but it can affect anyone of any age limit.

Smoking CBD doesn’t increase oil production of the skin. Acne usually occurs due to hormonal changes, increased appetite, and certain mental conditions such as stress and depression.

Again, smoking CBD will not cause acne.

What are some of the other factors to consider when smoking CBD? This is important to discuss, because while smoking CBD alone will not directly cause acne, it can indirectly lead to a potential breakout.

Changes in Appetite

Similar to THC, CBD use may cause people to having a craving for high-caloric and oily food. Smoking CBD can actually give you a small boost to hunger levels, and that can cause you to eat more. That increase in appetite can worsens the acne on your face due to the excessive intake of carbs and harmful fats. These bad foods can lead to oily skin, which then leads to an increased risk of acne breakouts.

Have you ever heard the phrase “you are what you eat?” Well, it’s true.

Why does CBD increase your appetite? Well, CBD (similar to THC) contains a few chemicals that impact certain brain parts related to signaling and controlling the need; this impact irregulates their functionality. CBD and THC alters the ganglia and limbic forebrain that is responsible for your appetite behavior.

Changes in Hormonal Levels

Hormonal change is one of the most significant causes of acne. Have you ever noticed that becoming a teenager is the time when most people first get acne? Teenagers reaching puberty are more likely to develop acne due to rapidly varying hormone levels, like testosterone. This change in hormone levels causes an acne outbreak. Similarly, some women report heavy breakouts during their period. Again, this is acne caused from hormone imbalances.

Cannabis contains THC which is the plant’s popular psychoactive compound. This affects the hypothalamus portion of the brain that connects the Central Nervous System with the Endocrine system. The Endocrine system regulates the hormone levels in our body, and the impact that THC has on our body can affect the hormone levels.

When there is an alteration in the body’s hormonal levels, the sebaceous glands starts producing more sebum (remember, sebum is just facial oil) than the skin really needs. The overproduction of sebum can cause the hair follicles to get clogged when oil and dead skin cells are trapped in it. This clogging further prompts skin issues like acne, pimples, and even sebaceous cysts.

The popular NHS website in the UK actually has a great article that speaks about a study in which women smokers were tested specifically to determine if smoking affected acne breakouts on their skin. The results were astonishing. “The researchers found that 18.5% of the total 1,000 women had acne. When the group was divided into smokers and non-smokers, 41.5% of the smokers had acne compared with only 9.7% of non-smokers.”

That should concern you.

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