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Cannabis farmer Nathalie Pagé pioneers CBD in France's Drome region


Transitioning from producing cheese to growing cannabis for the well-being market, “rebellious” farmer Nathalie Pagé braved a legal minefield when she became one of the few cannabidiol(CBD) producers in France. Traditional marijuana remains illegal in France, and there are strict rules on hemp use — products can be made only from the plant’s fibres or seeds, not the leaves — which made CBD sales a risky business. The law also says only trace amounts of less than 0.2 percent of THC (the ingredient which makes users high) can be present, a level that is easily exceeded — though still harmless — when extracting CBD from flowers, and none at all in items destined for human consumption. In November, however, the European Court of Justice said France was violating EU free market rules by forbidding imported CBD obtained from the entire plant, flowers and all.

“At the beginning there were some who said ‘look at this lady, she sells drugs, she sells cannabis’. So they would go around my stand, and then there would be the cannabis users who would come to see if it was real cannabis for them and no, it wasn’t.”

“It’s good that my boy is here. Honestly, all alone, I might not have made it. I would have made some but not as much as we did last year, I would never have started… and we have to expand again this year, but hey, you have to be naive!”

“You can’t demonise a plant that is not dangerous at all, you can’t classify it as you have classified it for so long. We have been living under prohibition for so many years that we think that young people shouldn’t know about it, they should rather know the positive side of the plant.”

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