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1st Amendment Audit Fail – ID Refusal – First Amendment Audit Fail


The 1st Amendment is the backbone of our nation. You have the first amendment right to film any public official in the line of duty. If the public official is in public your first amendment right supersedes their right to privacy. Remember if you have not committed a crime you DO NOT have to answer any of their questions, and that includes what your name is.

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Original Video


This public video record was made in unrestricted public space. It contains no sensitive personal information, no financial information or private information. The private people in this video are not “uniquely identifiable.” This public video ethnography was made for educational purposes and is protected by federal law under Section 107 of the 1976 Copyright Act, wherein allowance is made for Β«fair useΒ» for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. This record and its manner (ethics) of production is also guaranteed by other applicable federal and state law, as well as local regulation and code, (many enumerated within).

The subjects, methods and ethics under consideration in this documentary are clearly outlined in the About, Description and Discussion sections of this channel. ***The filmmaker was recorded by government agents and agencies without his consent during the making of this video.**

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This video falls under fair use protection as it has been manipulated for educational purposes with the addition of commentary. This video is complementary to illustrate the educational value of the information being delivered through the commentary and has inherently changed the value, audience and intention of the original video.

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