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Cannabis News: Ohio Activists Re-Submit a Cannabis Legalization Proposal


After the state of Ohio rejected a previous version of a cannabis legalization petition for the 2022 ballot, activists have submitted a revised version. The attorney general deemed the first version to be “misleading” after the Coalition to Regulate Maraijuana like Alcohol or CTRMLA turned in a measure with more than 1,000 requisite signatures.

Activists went back and made changes to the seven parts within the summary that the Attorney General deemed to be questionable on if it was fair and truthful. Dave Yost now had an additional 10 days to look over and review the newest version.

The new initiative is statutory versus a constitutional proposal which makes it different from past versions. “If supporters collect 132,887 valid signatures from registered voters, the legislature will then have four months to adopt the measure, reject it or adopt an amended version. If lawmakers do not pass the proposal, organizers will then need to collect an additional 132,887 signatures to place the proposal before voters on the ballot in 2022.”


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