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Dr Dani Gordon – CBD, Cannabis And Cancer – How To Use CBD and Cannabis Medicine in Cancer


In this video I’m going to talk about cannabis and cancer and can you use use cannabis to help in the treatment of cancer and cancer side effects management.

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Partial Video Transcript:

In this video I’m going to talk about cannabis and cancer. So I get asked this question all the time by my patients by email on social media and usually it comes in the form of you know I have cancer or one of my loved ones have cancer can I use cannabis and cancer to help them in the treatment for cancer can they use it as for side effects management what the heck can they do with it and how to actually use it and what products to actually use so before I get into how I’ve used it with my patients who do have cancer just something to be really clear on is I don’t use cannabis as a primary treatment for cancer I used to help them with their side effects of their primary cancer treatments to get them through the treatments and make their life easier made their quality of life better and to help a fatigue and nausea and all those other side effects in fact I often get asked you know can I just quit all of my cancer therapy and just use cannabis instead the answer right now is no because we just don’t have the evidence to say that cannabis can cure cancer and in fact I’ve actually had patients who before they got to see me had tried to treat their cancer on their own and for going all medical help except for just using cannabis themselves to treat their cancer and they’d actually missed a really important treatment window to treat their cancer when it was curative so I’m really really clear when I talk to patients and when I talk to my family members and my friends who are going through cancer that they should definitely not use cannabis as their primary method of treating their cancer and they should always go with Western medicine best approaches first so how do I actually use it when I have a patient sitting in front of me in my medical practice who’s come to me for help with their cancer symptoms so a lot of my patients going through chemotherapy radiation all the kinds of cancer therapies often have a really hard time getting through those therapies without lots of help because they’re really really hard therapies they’re really hard badi they’re hard on your brain and I have found cannabis to be quite useful in helping people get through these treatments so normally what I would do is I start with what’s called a CBD oil and I often use to help with cancer related anxiety and treatment related anxiety because going through cancer treatments is really anxiety provoking it’s just a normal response so that can be really useful it can also be really useful in helping with the calming down of the nervous system and potentially even with the neuropathy or the nerve pain side-effects from some of the chemotherapy drugs I also sometimes recommend vaporizing cannabis to help with the chemotherapy nausea and vomiting because it works really quickly we need a prize it and also to help with appetite and to help with the other fatigue associated side-effects from the chemotherapy or from the cancer itself


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