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The THC Show with Neil Magnuson – Episode 99


POT TV – Cannabis activist Neil Magnuson offered truth, hope and change LIVE at 4pm PT on POT.TV.

Neil is LIVE at the former location of the Healing Wave Dispensary, a store-front partner assisting the Cannabis Substitution Project. Neil and his team provide life-saving low barrier access to cannabis medicines to address the ongoing overdose crisis.

Glenn Wells from CannaMatch said “high” at 4:20, and mentioned his friends at Canada’s Cannabis Center.

Neil updated viewers on the progress of Jerry Martin, a former dispensary operator who has spent over four years fighting charges for his compassion club in Saskatchewan. Jerry was often called “The King of Compassion” for his charitable efforts connected to the dispensary. Jerry is bound by a publication ban from speaking about progress in his current trial. Jerry is also challenging the laws on psychedelic assisted therapy.

Neil toured the “Hippie Van” mobile outreach effort of the Cannabis Substitution Project, and spoke to the CSP crew.

Show notes:

Global News: Raid on Dispensary Sparks Outrage

Cannabis Substitution Project

The Karma Cup


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