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‘Indian hemp – cannabis cultivation in Ghana’: Why Ghana want to legalise cannabis farming


De institution in charge of narcotics, Narcotics Control Commission reveal say dem dey work on Legislative Instrument (LI) which go go before Parliament for approval.

Head of Communications and Media Relations for Narcotics Control Commission, Francis Opoku Amoah talk say;

“De Commission dey work hard to make sure say, dem present solid Legislative Instrument which gol reflect how dem go regulate de hemp industry in the country.”

Dis move to legalise ‘weed’ farming for Ghana dey come on de back on recent legislation which decriminalise some strain of cannabis.

Ghana dey legalize cannabis for health den industrial purposes.

What de Narcotics Control Commission dey do now be say dem wan develop legal regime which go help manage how de hemp industry go operate.

De industrialisation of Cannabis for medicinal purposes also go create job opportunities in farming, as de Commission already make flooded with applications for licence to cultivate cannabis.

De country go fit cash in on de industrial benefits by way of job creation and profits which they come with cannabis farming.

Legislative Instrument

In 2020, Ghana Parliament pass de Narcotics Control Commission Bill into Law under Narcotics Control Commission Act, 2020 (Act 1019) President Akufo-Addo sign into law.

Dis new law decriminalise medical cannabis, allowing for de production of cannabis wey get 0.3 per cent content of de principal psychoactive ingredient, Tetrahydrocannabis (THC).

But sake of them no put together any proper instrument to guide licensing, cultivation, standard practise den tins around dis, ‘weed’ farming still remain illegal to do.

Narcotics Control Commission also caution de general pubic say make them no pay monies to any company, individual or group for de purposes of engaging in any cannabis business.

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