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Five Cool Cannabis Growing Tools You Should Have for Your Grow


cannabis grow tools

Every aspect of the agricultural and farming sector thrives when the right tools are utilized. To succeed as a cannabis grower, you’ve got to know the tools of the trade, so your cultivation, grooming, and harvesting processes are done effectively and productively. 


There are many tools available for growers today that it will be impossible to list everything. So let’s highlight five of the most excellent tools you must have to excel as a grower. 


Now whenever tools are discussed within the marijuana world, some people are less eager to learn because they plant cannabis for personal use. However, regardless of your reasons for planting (personal or commercial), you must know the right tools to utilize. Your private cannabis plants may become stunted if you don’t use practical tools at the correct planting stages. 


Programmable electronic light timer

When shopping for your grow tent, you will have many items on your priority list, and this tool will be one of such items. The cannabis plants in your tent will be in their vegetative state require 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. 


It has to be 12 hours of steady light and 12 hours of darkness when you get to the flowering stage. Now, this is a strict yet effective lighting routine that you cannot afford to ignore. You may cause harm to your plants and kill them if you don’t adhere to this lighting schedule. 


To succeed with your lighting, you must get a good light timer, a programmable that will help you get your lighting right. The programmable feature is crucial because it prevents you from always manually switching from light to darkness or vice versa. When you wouldn’t be at the farm, the lighting schedule will continue effectively because you have a programmable electronic light tester. 


When shopping for the tester, remember to go for tested and trusted brands that will last for a long time because the light is a constant fixture at a cannabis farm. It doesn’t have to be too expensive to be effective. 


PH tester

Your cannabis plant is a living thing, and all living things need water to survive. While growing your crops, especially indoors, you will need to add nutrients and water for faster and healthier growth. 


It is also essential to provide the correct water type for your plants which is very easy to achieve. Most cannabis plants will thrive better with a PH that is 5.5 – 6.5. 


Put the tester in the water and wait a while; soon enough, you will get the results. If it doesn’t match the recommended PH level, you will have to make some adjustments when you get the results. If the PH level is extremely high (this is often primarily the case), you will need a PH Down to get it to the ideal level. 


PH Down

PH down offers your plants access to quality water when needed, and it is an affordable tool. It is potent and will last you a long time if properly managed. You can use the same bottle for more than five whole grows, so you don’t need to buy a new one with every new grow. 


Another reason this is on the “Coolest tool” list is that it is simple to use. Just get it, then test the water and add the PH down to do a retest. You can repeat this step until you are happy with the results.


Please remember that if you put too much, you may undo it: a little goes a long way at a time. More so, it would help if you only used the PH down when you are confident that the water’s PH levels are not correct.


Racket Hangers (Adjustable)

The racket hanger is a game change planting sector; growers are lost without this tool. Although it is easy-to-use equipment, it is also highly effective and helps you hang fans, lights, carbon filters, and everything else you want to hang. 


Racket hangers are advantageous in that they are easy to adjust while in use. The next time you want to shift your plant lights to suit a particular planting season, this tool will get the job done. 


You will get your money’s worth with this tool in no time. This is one of the most affordable cannabis grow tools you can find in the market, so please don’t skip it. 


Bud Trimmers 

The bud trimmers come in handy after you have done an excellent job growing your plants to a healthy level. At this stage, you will be ready for the daunting yet rewarding task, trimming ounces of cannabis buds!


Trimming is often tiring, but you will agree that it is a worthwhile process when you see the final product. You must professionally trim buds, and this means you will need good trimmers, which should also last you a long time. 


With trimming, you are advised not to use cheap tools as such cheap items are mostly ineffective and can ruin your final harvest. A fantastic set of cutting tools will last a long time and save you from extended trimming hours. 


When you go shopping for trimmers, check every aspect of the tools and, if possible, go for excellent brands known for quality products. Test the tool on a plant, especially on sticky buds, before making a final payment. 


Bottom Line

As a marijuana grower, you have specific goals and objectives to achieve either personally or commercially. The dreams for your cannabis farm can come to pass if you work with helpful tools. 


Every grower needs the five highlighted tools discussed in this article. If you have been planting cannabis for some years, you will agree that our recommendations are helpful. But it is not enough to become conversant with these tools: go shopping for them and get ready to enjoy the thrill of cultivating with handy tools. 


*Please note that this is only a condensed list, as many more cannabis planting tools are available in the market.





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