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The Truth About CBD (Everything You Need To Know About CBD Oil And Cannabis sativa)


In this video Justin Stenstrom from Elite Man Magazine reveals the truth about CBD and talks about everything you need to know about CBD Oil and Cannabis sativa.

He discusses:
-What CBD really is and how it actually works in the body
-The importance of the GABA and Glutamate receptors in the body and how CBD affects them
-CBD Oil and the power if can have for healing and medicinal purposes
-The potential side effects of CBD Oil and whether or not it is truly safe
-How much milligrams you should take of CBD and the proper dosage
-How to find a legitimate CBD product and what to look for on a CBD bottle

If you follow these tips you’ll definitely learn the truth about CBD! Make sure you watch the entire video now to hear everything Justin has to say about how CBD Oil really works and how to use it!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/justinstenstrom/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JustinStenstrom/

Elite Man Magazine: https://elitemanmagazine.com/
Elite Man Podcast: http://elitemanpodcast.com
Elite Life Nutrition: https://elitelifenutrition.com/


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