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Amyris Stock is an Incredible Value with Massive Growth Potential | AMRS


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Welcome! I hope you enjoy my due diligence on Amyris Stock, ticker symbol AMRS. Not only is Amyris currently my largest individual stock holding, I think it’s an incredible value right now and poised to experience massive growth over the next decade. One of the biggest reasons I invested in Amyris stock is because John Doerr, the most successful venture capitalist of all time who made billions from investing in Google and Amazon, owns 20% of Amyris and sits on their board. AMRS has unlocked the power of synthetic biology to produce high value molecules across a wide range of markets at commercial scale. AMRS is many years ahead of it’s competitors Ginkgo Bioworks and Zymergen both in terms of its product portfolio and ability to manufacture at scale. I have no idea why Cathy Wood is having her ARK fund plow so much money into Ginkgo when Amyris is generating as much revenue as all the synthetic companies combined. I truly believe AMRS could be the next 100X stock.

Amyris stock is extremely volatile and it is not for the faint of heart!

I am not a financial advisor. This video is not financial advice. I just wanted to share my own opinions on Amyris stock.


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