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Better Than a Dispensary? – Excitement Around Cannabis Consumption Lounges Hits a Fever Pitch Across America


cannabis consumption lounges

It is not surprising to announce that cannabis consumption lounges have been performing considerably well in America.

The US has all the ingredients any business needs to make huge revenues, it has the demand, supply, and supporting policies to ensure most businesses make it big time.

With only state laws, entrepreneurs have been able to turn a fairly new market into a hotspot. With the reduction in cannabis prohibition laws, the emergence of cannabis consumption lounges and smoking spaces has illuminated the need to kill cannabis prohibitions federally.

The rate at which American cannabis users took to these cannabis lounges revealed that they had been eagerly awaiting this moment. Now, people do not have to stay in the solitude of their homes to use pot and they don’t have to ponder on “how and where” to use pot socially.

These strides may or may have not been made if the pandemic had not occurred. It is hard to deny the role the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown has had on the booming cannabis industry around the world, most importantly in the United States. Lawmakers do not have the best legislation drafted for the cannabis consumption lounges yet, however, they are doing the best they can to come up with reforms that would stabilize the market.

States that have not yet allowed the establishment of cannabis consumption lounges have seen the good the business can do to their economy. Not to mention that it has effectively reduced the rate of public cannabis consumption in those states.

States like Illinois, Nevada, and California are being used as the blueprint for the establishment of cannabis consumption lounges and other states will be learning from them when they’re ready to permit these safe spaces.


The American States with Cannabis Lounges

Social acceptance of cannabis products is being encouraged by some states with the establishment of cannabis consumption lounges in selected locations.

Cannabis is being regulated in these states the same way alcohol is. If people can come together to share bottles of alcohol across America, they should be able to do the same with cannabis.



Las Vegas is acclaimed for all things fun, progressive, and scandalous in a way. Having a cannabis consumption lounge is within Nevada is expected and the government is actively supporting the growth of the state’s cannabis industry.

The state currently has one cannabis lounge called “The Vegas Tasting Room”. This is the only space that allows cannabis to be ‘tasted’. Here, customers are provided with options for using cannabis with dab rigs, bongs, joints, vapes, and other delivery choices.

The Vegas tasting room caters to a high percentage of cannabis tourists annually. Visitors hang out, network, and consume cannabis in this safe space.

Nevada Lawmakers have plans to issue two new licenses for cannabis consumption enterprises in the state, one for retail establishments and the other for independent lounges.

The bill will open up the niche to more entrepreneurs and healthy competition.



Pennsylvania has a cannabis lounge situated in Abington. The venue is called ‘ The After Dispensary’. Cannabis is not sold within the space, customers are to bring their product before they can be allowed access to the space.

To prevent congestion of the lounge, only Pennsylvania residents are allowed and they must tender their valid MMJ card to prove their eligibility.

A few months ago, Pennsylvania held its annual cannabis festival at a licensed event that was held outdoors.



Illinois has two cannabis lounges operating in the state, with at least two more poised to begin operations this fall.

Customers have to come along with their cannabis, while the lounge provides the delivery devices for rent or sale.

The first lounge which opened sometime in July is known as Luna Lounge. Since its formal opening, the lounge has made huge revenues while providing one of the safest locations for residents to consume cannabis and relax with the company.

The state’s zoning committee has licensed about three businesses in different locations in the state. An entrepreneur has announced his plans to convert his movie theatre property into a state-of-the-art cannabis co-operative dispensary, consumption lounge, and possibly a greenhouse.


The other States With Plans In Place For Cannabis Lounges

These are states in the process of opening up retail and independent cannabis consumption lounges.


New Jersey

The state and local governments have started endorsing business owners and issuing permits to allow them to set up their cannabis consumption spaces in designated locations

The state only authorizes licensed medical dispensary owners and cannabis retailers to legally establish a cannabis consumption lounge. Permits won’t be issued to independent cannabis consumption spaces, as the approved law only deems retail operations eligible to be licensed.


New York

The state has plans to make its cannabis consumption spaces independent as well as retail establishments.

Reports have it that the proposed spaces would resemble club-like lounges and alcohol consumption sites. However, alcohol would not be consumed or sold at any of these locations.

Experts have predicted that New York is likely to make about 6 billion dollars in revenue from this division by 2027.


What next?

The slow progress for consumption lounges in other states can be attributed to the absence of federal cannabis reforms. The fewer regulatory hurdles there are to cross, the more cannabis consumption lounges that would be established in shops across the country.

The rest of the adult-use cannabis legalized states that are not listed above are silently making plans for cannabis consumption lounges.

States with only medical cannabis legislation have to approve the use of recreational pot before any step can be taken to permit cannabis consumption lounges.

It all boils down to enacting better cannabis policies nationwide.



Cannabis lounges present as the safest consumer-focused locations for marijuana consumption. They are more than welcome to the existing business divisions in the cannabis industry. These lounges are an investor’s way of entering the industry without growing or packaging cannabis.

Most States are beginning to understand the multiple benefits attached to having these spaces. The state can monitor the consumption of cannabis and make tax revenues at the same time.









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