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CBD Business Opportunities Are Alive & Well | Delta 9 THC Delta 8 THC Legal Status


Why is Delta 8 THC allowed in the CBD dietary supplement market? is it a loop hole? We tackle this and other loop holes that you can take advantage of.

Topics Covered In This Video: 00:00
Who is Brian: 00:41
Is CBD Actually Legal: 01:26
Is Delta 8 THC a Loophole: 03:43
The Bigger “Loopholes” In CBD Market Right Now: 07:43
The OTHER Loophole to Capitalize On & Best Time To Start CBD Biz: 10:03
The Risk For Some In CBD Business: 10:51
How To Mitigate Risk In Your Business: 11:41

Colorado’s position on Delta 8 THC: https://botanacor.com/news/cdphe-releases-guidance-on-delta-8-thc/

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