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Is there really a difference between Hemp oil and CBD Oil?



Is there really a difference between Hemp oil and CBD Oil?

CBD has developed immensely from the niche health supplement it was over it’s vast lifespan, now into a popular natural stimulating health product that is seen everywhere on the internet. The news loves it, YouTube loves it, it’s the new kid on the block.

Because of this, CBD has been scanned all over the internet both online and offline. The number of people searching, it’s increasing a lot. People want to know what CBD oil can do, from its benefits to its side effects to its origins. With the high volume of searches and coverage, comes a cost – that cost is misinformation and a lot of confusion. One of the biggest confusions with CBD is the difference between hemp oil and cannabis oil.

It’s a common misconception, they do look very similar but while it does bear a resemblance, they differ hugely. They are different products, which results in them both having significant differences in the human body.

So, we’ve touched on the difference between CBD oil & Hemp Oil on our first video that I’ll be sure to link below. But we thought it would be useful to our viewers if we went into more detail. It’s easy to waste your money buying the wrong products on the markets, so we’re going to look more in-depth into the differences between CBD oil and Hemp oil. Stay tuned.

Link to the first video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzHpka3Zefg

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