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Legislation Update: Which California Cannabis Bills Made The Cut?


Earlier this month we did a write-up covering all of the possible cannabis and hemp legislation awaiting Governor Gavin Newsom’s signature this session. His deadline for signing or vetoing these bills was on October 10th. Below is an update on the new laws and a breakdown of which bills were signed into law and which bills were vetoed.

October Legislation Update

AB 45 (Signed)Assembly Bill 45 was perhaps the most intently watched bill this session. Its passage means that hemp-derived CBD can be used in supplements, foods, beverages, pet products, and cosmetics, though it temporarily limits hemp flower. Many versions of this bill have failed to advance over the last few years, but strong lobbying pushed this bill over the finish line.

AB 1138 (Signed) — Ulincensed commercial cannabis activity will now be heavily penalized under Assembly Bill 1138. Those aiding and abetting black market sales will be fined up to three times more than the cost of a licensing fee, up to $30,000 total.

AB 1222 (Signed) — Cannabis-infused beverages can now be packaged in glass containers that are clear or any other color under Assembly Bill 1222.

AB 1302 (Vetoed)Assembly Bill 1302 would have amended a law about advertising on billboards within a 15-mile radius of the California border, Interstate highways, or State highways that cross the border. While proponents believed it would restore some of the protections provided by the recreational law that was later changed after a lawsuit. However, the opponents argued that it would go against public health efforts.

AB 1305 (Signed)Assembly Bill 1305 made history as California is now the first state in the US to draw a line between regulated cultivation in California versus newly authorized cultivation by the DEA.

SB 166 (Signed) — Under certain circumstances, cannabis licensing fees can be waived under State Bill 166.

SB 292 (Signed)State Bill 292 amends the state’s hemp laws, enforcing new testing requirements for hemp and changing the makeup of the California Industrial Hemp Advisory Board.

SB 311 (Signed) — Also known as Ryan’s Law, State Bill 311 allows hospitals and other healthcare facilities to allow terminally ill patients to consume medical marijuana in their facilities. It was passed earlier this month.

SB 544 (Signed)State Bill 544 forces the Department of Cannabis Control to establish standardized cannabinoid testing methods for all testing laboratories by January 2023

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