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Need to Grow Weed Fast? The 6 Fastest Growing Autoflower Strains on the Cannabis Market Today


fastest growing autoflower strains

You are probably reading this material because you intend to start growing cannabis. So as a first-time grower, you must have come across the term “Autoflowering strain.” This article breaks down the concept of autoflowering and the top six shortest ones so you can start cultivating your cannabis. 

There is a lot of information and even some misinformation online about the several marijuana strains. The data mainly cuts across what the strains can do for you, how you can grow them, and some ideas on short autoflower strains. But in this article, we will focus on accurate facts about the shortest autoflower strains and how they can help you become a pro in the marijuana game. 


What is autoflower strain?

Marijuana goes through several stages, from when it is planted to harvest time. One of the stages entails the flowering stage, and this is when the plant moves from its vegetative state and begins to develop buds while increasing in size and height. The growth process will happen for about 8-11 weeks in summer months when it can get 12 hours of light and hours without sunlight. 

With the autoflowering strain, the flowering level is not about exposure to light: instead, it is about the plant’s age, and this is why it has the name tag, “Auto.” It can be harvested at ten weeks.


Are autoflower strains valuable and worth the effort?

As one who is still in the beginner stage of planting your cannabis, the autoflowering strains are the best options to try first. Autoflowering plants are also great if you want to grow your plants indoors and live in an area with a cold climate. If you have these factors in place before planting, then you will enjoy the bountiful harvest you get from autoflowerig without relying on sunlight for hours. 

These are also smaller and beneficial plants that work well for those with small grow rooms or a bothersome neighbor who always wants to see what you are doing. Because they are tiny, they also offer less yield than what you may expect from regular marijuana. If you are planting for just yourself, the number of products will not be a problem, but if you grow for a large weed farm, you may have to reconsider it. 


The top 6 shortest autoflower strains 

If you are set to give 5-6 months to wait for your cannabis to grow, get harvested, dry, and be smoked, you need to know some of the shortest autoflower strains available at the market. Here is a detailed list of the top 6 autoflower strains you can easily access. The purpose of the list is to provide options for you to pick from that suit your planting environment and the purpose of your cannabis cultivation. 


Royal Gorilla Automatic

Mot first-time growers can be impatient, and if that’s how you are towards cannabis cultivation, you will need a strain that overgrows. The Royal Gorilla Automatic has a grow time of 5 weeks! You don’t have to wait beyond five weeks for your plants to be ready for harvest, and it is a powerful strain hence why it was named “Gorilla.” 

This strain can be grown indoors and outdoors with a 120-179g/plant when it is dry. It is also a burst of flavors from citrus to pine and forest fruits.


Speed Auto

Speed auto is one of the shortest autoflower strains in the world that grows both indoors and outdoors. You can get 30-150g from one plant outdoors and 350-500g/m indoors. It has a rise time of 7 weeks, it has a fruity taste, it’s sweet, and you will feel relaxed without being overwhelmed.


Green Gelato Auto

It is possible to enjoy a nice body high and a clear mind, and to achieve this, you will need the Green Gelato Auto. It grows within 7-8 weeks; it is an aromatic strain that offers up to 179g per plant if cultivated outdoors and 400-450 g/m if it is planted indoors. 

This strain made a list because it is straightforward to cultivate; if you are a beginner, you wouldn’t have issues with this plant as it doesn’t grow beyond 120cm in height.


Alaskan Purple Auto

With a grow time of 7-8 weeks, this Alaskan Purple Auto is a must-have. It is a 90% Indica strain that offers the body a relaxing experience that enables you to take on the hustle and bustle of the day and promises a restful night. 

This is also an easy strain to grow, manage and harvest indoors and outdoors. It contains THC content at 15-20% with indoor and outdoor yields of 400-500 g/m and 40-200g for one plant. 


Amnesia Haze Automatic

If you are a fan of Sativa strains, you will fall in love with the Amnesia Haze Automatic, as it is known for being sweet and spicy. It has an 8-10 weeks growth time, comprises 50% Sativa, 20% Indica, and 30% ruderalis genetics. This composition means you will experience an uplifting high after smoking it and get a boost to your level of productivity and creativity.

The Amnesia Haze Automatic is on this list because you can get a harvest at week ten and, in some cases, at week 8. You have the option of planting the seeds outside if you are currently in a sunny and warm environment. You can get an average yield of 180g/plant. 


Chronic Ryder 

The growing time for this seed is at nine weeks. Longtime cannabis consumers know that this is a viral strain that can be grown anywhere by anyone. The strain is a hybrid of Lowryder #2 and Chronic which is the first autoflower strain to achieve a very high-quality product. Anyone who smokes this strain will enjoy positive vibes as it is one of the most soothing cannabis strains that is best enjoyed while in the company of other people.


Bottom Line 

You can get any of these short autoflower strains at online cannabis shops or local seed banks (depending on where you live). If you are not available right now to go shopping for this, talk to someone who works at the stores who can share what they have available at the moment and other strains that are worth a try. This list is not a comprehensive one: it is just a list of the top six you should give a try when you are ready to kick start marijuana cultivation indoors, in your garden, or backyard.








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