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Rolling Papers Join the CBD Revolution!


The American Revolution occurred between 1765 and 83, the French Revolution, 1789 and 1799. The Russian Revolution happened in 1917. The CBD revolution took place in 2017 when the WHO told the world that the compound was safe. The event was widely reported in the media and sparked off a push by people around the world to get hold of the cannabis sativa plant extract.

Businesses have tried to reply to this demand, but the global legal landscape is complicated. National governments have responded to the CBD story in a variety of ways. Often CBD products have been given different legal statuses with goods such as food supplements and personal care products getting the green light for sale ahead of rolling papers. The launch of the world’s first rolling papers with CBD-infused gum this year was a big deal.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an emerging market with enormous growth potential. After legalization in many countries, CBD has been called the “green gold”. CBD was valued at 2.8 billion USD in 2020, and, according to Gran View Research, it is expected to expand at a compound growth rate of 21.2 percent from 2021 to 2028.

Like Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD comes from the cannabis sativa plant. Before the era of advanced science, the two compounds couldn’t be isolated. It has only been recently with the arrival of the most sophisticated techniques that CBD products have been able to be produced.

In the last few years, brands all over the world have been creating CBD goods. Today, amongst other goods, there are CBD nasal sprays, workout drinks, pet food supplements, candies, lollipops, honeys, cereals, and chewing gum.

The engineering required to produce CBD rolling papers was complex. CBD is not soluble in water, and therefore the task of integrating the compound into a booklet of rolling papers was difficult. Some big companies tried and failed to make rolling papers

with CBD-infused gum. Just as the job was starting to look impossible, ROOR came along with a game changing innovation.

Through a tireless and development programme, ROOR discovered that under certain conditions the characteristics of CBD adapt, and it’s possible for the compound to be integrated into the rolling paper gum.

ROOR’s infusion of CBD in its natural, vegan, acacia gum puts the company at the frontier of the rolling paper market.

Created in the 1990s, ROOR has a reputation for crafting elite glass pipes. Now the brand has decided to redirect its technical expertise into the development of rolling papers.

The brand presents three high-end rolling booklets called UNBLEACHED, ORGANIC HEMP, and RICE.

ROOR’s rolling papers are special not just because of the inclusion of CBD-infused gum. They also stand out because of the build-quality of the paper itself. ROOR presents three high-end rolling papers. The goods are all unbleached, GMO-free and contain no chalk, dyes, or additives.

With the cereal grain providing a significant proportion of the calorific intake of the world’s population, rice has been central to the development of humankind from ancient China to modern Europe. Today, in these more environmentally conscious times, a new generation of sustainable rice farmers are emerging who want to recycle all aspects of the rice plant.

ROOR’s rolling papers emerge in this context. They are made from rice straw, a section of the rice plant that is often discarded after the harvest. The papers are made from rice plants grown in the beautiful Camargue region in Southern France. ROOR’s papers use authentic rice paper. They also contain hemp fibres for resistance and silkiness. They have world-first, CBD-infused, natural gum. The ultra-thin, slow burning papers are unbleached hence the light beige colour.

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