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Autoflower Super Mix by ILGM


– Gorilla Glue Auto
– Bruce Banner Auto
– Girl Scout Cookies Extrm Auto
– Saves up to $168
– All autoflowers are feminized

There’s good. There’s great. And then, there’s super. The strains in this mix pack have earned that title, not just from us, but also from our customers.
It probably has something to do with the high THC levels. All of the feminized seeds in this pack have the potential to produce THC levels that are greater than 20%. Most of these strains are also beginner-friendly.
And, they are autoflower seeds. That means you can grow them at any time of the year.
That definitely qualifies these cannabis strains as super.
The Super Auto Mix includes autoflowering Bruce Banner, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme autoflowers, and auto Gorilla Glue seeds. In other words, you get a super Indica, a super Sativa, and a super Hybrid, and they’re all auto-flowering, in one mix. These cannabis seeds are great indoors and outdoors, just make sure they get plenty of light. Yields are moderate, except for Bruce Banner.


Gorilla Glue Auto

Gorilla Glue Autoflowers make growing perfect marijuana nearly guaranteed. This strain is already relatively easy to grow, however when you add ruderalis genetics, it becomes nearly foolproof. There’s no worrying about adjusting your lights or timing your outdoor grow. You simply plant these feminized seeds, and you water them.

If you are new to growing marijuana, Gorilla Glue is the perfect strain to grow. It’s a balanced high THC hybrid with potent positive effects. Thanks to its creative genetics, the high is strong but manageable. Most people do not experience couchlock or anxiety, despite THC levels that can reach 26%.

Gorilla Glue autoflowering seeds produce dense little cannabis plants with thick, dense buds. Flowering time is 8 weeks, regardless of the season. These plants are perfect for growing indoors with lights, or outdoors if there is plenty of sun. Yields typically average between 4 and 6 ounces.

Bruce Banner Auto

Bruce Banner is the powerful knock a smile on your face strain that everyone loves. Its size can be intimidating, but those with the know-how are rewarded with massive buds. Although the comic book character needed an alter ego to gain people’s respect, the cannabis strain is a star the moment it starts popping buds.

Autoflowering Bruce Banner is a sativa dominant hybrid that can be grown year-round. These feminized seeds begin their flowering cycle without a change in lighting, making them suitable for indoor grows. Your plant will reliably flower in 8 weeks with THC levels up to 25%.

Bruce Banner Autoflowers are still tall plants, despite their ruderalis genetics. They also still have their extremely loud smell. If growing this strain indoors, plan appropriately. That earthy, diesel scent can penetrate walls. Yields can reach up to 19 ounces.

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Auto

What if you could get your girl scout cookies quicker? Our autoflowering Girl Scout Cookies Extreme does just that. Your plant will flower in eight weeks, regardless of when you grow. This little autoflower is easy to grow, while also producing big, potent buds.

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme is an indica dominant with a good mix of energy. Its high is relaxed; however, Durban Poison’s genetics keeps it creative, euphoric, and uplifted. This super-strain relaxes pain, stimulates hunger, and calms the mind. That’s why, for many, it is the therapeutic strain of choice.

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme autoflowering seeds grow into small, sturdy plants. This strain is ideal for beginner growers. Feminized seeds and strong ruderalis genetics ensure a reliable 8-week flowering time and an easy grow. THC levels can reach up to 21%. Yields are 4 to 6 oz on average.


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