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Dip Devices EVRI Triple Use Vaporizer Starter Pack by Smoke Cartel


Say goodbye to multiple devices with this three-in-one vaporizer.
The EVRI by Dip Devices is a multi-functional consumption solution. EVRI features a battery that connects magnetically to continuously evolving attachments. These include the Vapor Tip Attachment, which allows consumption of concentrate directly from its container (like the Dipper), 510/Pod Attachment, which has one side that connects to 510 cartridges and one that connects to refillable e-juice pods, and many more on the way.
EVRI evolves with consumption. (Note that the cartridge and refillable pod are two sides of the same attachment–510 cartridges and refillable e-juice pods are not included with attachment.)


  • Use the EVRI as a portable nectar collector with the instant-heat coil dab attachment.

  • The EVRI modular battery fits standard pods like JUUL.

  • EVRI’s magnetic attachment system allows for the EVRI to power any pre-filled 510 cartridges.



  •  Adjustable Temperature Control
  •  Auto shutoff safety feature
  •  Compatible with pre-filled e-juice pods and 510 threaded cartridges
  •  Highest Quality Materials
  •  Made for Cartridges
  •  Nectar Collector
  •  Portable Vaporizer
  •  Secure magnetic attachments
  •  Three heat settings
  •  Vaporizer

Included in Your Purchase:

  •  Dip Devices EVRI Triple Use Vaporizer Starter Pack
  •  Free, Fast Shipping (in the US)
  •  Discrete Packaging
  •  100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  •  Expert Product Support


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