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The Armoire 60 – Moderne Black – the REVOLUTIONARY new BioChamber


Welcome to the REVOLUTIONARY new home grow system — The Armoire!
Unlike large, ugly, smelly grow tents, The Armoire is designed to look like furniture (hence the name) so that it discreetly flies under radar, so to speak.
It’s also sized (25″ x 25″ and 54″ tall) to be small and super light – easy to move, and perfect for small apartments. If you have a small apartment in a big city, you’d never get a large tent in there, but you CAN fit The Armoire — and the quiet operation and lack of smell make it a perfect fit!



Grow Discreetly, Like A Pro

From Sprout to Harvest
in as little as 60 days.

Furniture-inspired, easy-to-use grow system, designed for beginners.


Introducing The Armoire

Impressive Yields with Minimal Maintenance

Go from sprout to harvest in as little as 60 days and consistently grow a quarter pound or more of yield with each cycle! The Armoire needs only 2 minutes of attention a day for incredible results.

The Armoire is a discreet, easy-to-use, low maintenance growing and nurturing system that gives you impressive results in a quick and consistent time frame. Best of all, it does everything, even drying, without being an eyesore!

And if you’re ever confused or concerned, our 90-day free Concierge Service is designed to hand-hold you through the process!




As Featured In

cannabis and tech today magazine Sensi Magazine
grow magazine cannabis tech magazine  The Neon Joint


The Solution

No More Growing Pains

Growing on your own can be a pain. Other systems are overly complicated, expensive, energy-consuming, unsightly, and time-consuming. In the end, you pour in countless hours, dollars, sweat and tears only to yield less than desirable results – if any at all.

The Armoire is different. It’s specifically designed to give you consistently impressive results every cycle with minimal maintenance. In fact, it only requires 2 minutes of care a day to yield 3-5 oz of dried flower in as little as 60 days!

The closed system, powerful LED light, and optimized levels ensure a perfect environment for your plant. You will get no mold, no pests, and no overwatering or under-watering if you follow the instructions.


Autoflowering Strain Optimization

The Armoire BioChamber is optimized to cultivate auto-flowering strains and consistently produce eye-popping yields every cycle.




Natural Process and Protection

The Armoire ensures your plant grows in a 100% natural environment with no pesticides and no herbicides. You’ll know exactly what’s going in and on your plant at all times!

The 12 Spectrum, high PAR, low-heat proprietary LED light has the unique ability to inhibit molds and deter pests naturally. These features, combined with our proprietary design and time tested grow protocol, ensures strong immune system and pathogen-free plant without using any pesticides, herbicides or unwanted additives.

Plus, The Armoire is a closed system – it’ll be difficult for any unwanted pests to get near your plant.


Grow No Matter What

With The Armoire, you can grow in any season and always have the perfect growing environment, right in the comfort of your home.





Zero Worries

Ultra Discreet Design

Grow No Matter What

With The Armoire, you can grow in any season and always have the perfect growing environment, right in the comfort of your home.

The Armoire blends beautifully and harmoniously in your home as piece of classic furniture. The beautiful exterior finishes and classic design gives it a remarkably refined look without drawing attention to what’s inside.
When you want to show off your plant, The Armoire provides the perfect window to frame your plant and can be easily covered when show-and-tell is over.


Scent-Free, Quiet Experience

The system uses high quality Australian activated carbon. Activated carbon is used to purify liquids and gases. The no-smell carbon scrubber and quiet filtration system eliminates all scents from your plant and makes little noise.


Subtle and Secure

The Armoire isn’t just discreet – it’s secure. The optional use childproof magnetic lock ensures children do not accidentally open the cabinet, and the waterproof wi-fi camera allows you to remotely monitor your plant’s growth 24/7!



The Armoire is a complete kit. It not only contains everything you need to be successful (except water, soil and the seed – and we’ll even suggest where you can get those!) but ALSO INCLUDES our own PROPRIETARY PROTOCOL.  Indeed, we have our own proprietary process for growing plants in this finely tuned BioChamber.

If you can water a houseplant, you can get top shelf, high quality flower in as little as 60 days on your first attempt!   

And wait, it gets better — we’re also getting 3 to 4 times the normal yield from a plant!   That’s right, we get outsized results with The Armoire.

It just keeps getting better, too — the cost of our complete system is cheaper than that trying to put together an old-fashioned tent system by buying all the pieces individually and putting it together on your own.  And  The Armoire is safer (runs cool, and the entire system is tuned for low heat and low electrical usage).

After 5 years of prototyping and successful grows, we know this is an amazing product – we invite you to follow our instagram page (@ggs_home_grow) specifically devoted to home grows in The Armoire, and follow the Autoflower Home Grows page on Facebook too.

Armoire customers will have access to our Concierge setup services/support, and our own Facebook Group for Autoflower growers!



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